​Mookie Betts

​Mookie Betts

Mookie Betts

Markus Lynn Betts, better known as "Mookie" Betts, has played in the Major Leagues since 2014. He has spent the majority of his professional tenure as a member of the Boston Red Sox. But he has recently moved to Los Angeles, where he currently plays for the Dodgers.2014 Topps Update Mookie Betts Rookie Smiling In Dugout PSA

Betts is a versatile player, evidenced by the fact that he has played multiple positions at the highest level of the sport. As a Red Sox player, he took the field at both second base and the outfield.

Mookie's skills are prevalent on the plate as well. He is a reliable hitter with a career batting average above .3 to date. He has also hit over 150 home runs. But most of all, Betts is known to be a hitter that makes a lot of contact and manages to get on base at a high rate.

2014 Topps Update Mookie Betts Rookie PSA

Betts has proven himself as one of the best current players in the Majors as he has one the Most Valuable Player Award and the Gold Glove Award. He also went to the All-Star Game in four consecutive seasons.

The crowning achievements of Betts's career so far are likely his two World Series championship wins. One of those wins came as a member of the Red Sox in 2018, and the other came as a member of the Dodgers in 2020.

Outside of baseball, Betts is a successful professional tenpin bowler and has bowled a perfect game in the past. Despite that additional talent, Betts remains most prominent on the field, where he is continuing to improve his career stats.

Mar 24th 2021 Staff Writers

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