Investing in Mike Trout Cards

Investing in Mike Trout Cards

Collecting baseball cards may seem like a thing of the past—but nowadays it’s more than just something you did as a kid in the ‘80s. Sure, nostalgia will always be part of the appeal, but card collecting is back in a big way and investors are perking up their ears.

Even during the financial distress of 2020, card collecting carried on. Baseball card sales were up 50% from March to May 2020, and it seems like all that time at home has brought back America’s favorite pastime.

Card collecting is a pretty consistent way to invest. The trade isn’t as subject to the highs and lows of the market as, say, investing in the S&P. In financially unstable times, it’s smart to invest in a “sure thing.”

For baseball card investors, the surest thing right now just might be Mike Trout. In this article, we’ll explore what an investor needs to prioritize in 2021, why Mike Trout is such a promising investment, and which Mike Trout cards to look out for.

What to Look for When Investing

Considering the pandemic’s slowdown on sports, you may want to consider longer-term investments. What’s the difference between short- and long-term investments?

Short-term investments can pay off, but it’s tough to make a significant profit. You need to make a lot of moves very quickly. Short-term investments work best when the sports world is at peak activity.

Long-term investments take more time and expertise but offer a much larger payout. For long-term investing, you want to look at how long a player has been in the league, whether or not they are prone to injuries, and whether they’re a generational talent.

Don’t invest in rookies or players who might spend most of their career out on an injury. Do invest in players with experience who can stand the test of time. Long-term investing has proven to outlast fluctuations in the market, and are increasingly a favored way to invest in card collecting.

Mike Trout Rookie Cards

What to Know About Mike Trout

With all that said, Mike Trout is one of the best long-term investments you can make right now. Trout has been arguably the best player in the MLB for years. Let’s look at just a few of his achievements:

●He won the American League MVP three times in his first eight seasons, in 2014, 2016, 2019, and came second in 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2018.

●He may become the second player ever to win four or more MVP awards.

●In 2019, he signed a 12-year contract extension for $426.5 million. At the time, that price was the largest amount paid for a single contract in the history of professional sports.

●Nicknamed the “Millville Meteor,” Trout has won the Silver Slugger Award seven times.

●He is an eight-time All-Star.

●Trout’s bWAR is calculated at 74.6, surpassing many Hall of Famers, and he’s in the conversation to be the best baseball player of all time.

All this and he’s only 29 years old with a lot more career ahead of him.

What makes Mike Trout a sure thing in card trading is his continued growth potential and status as a future all-time greatest player.

Is There a Downside? Not Really.

2020 was a weird year for sports, and it broke Mike Trout’s MVP winning streak. The MLB played a shortened season of only 60 games. In a shorter season, any player can go on a hot streak and be in the running for MVP. In that case, team wins have a stronger effect on the MVP votes.

Despite this, Trout performed consistently with MVP candidates. Most experts believe Trout’s loss of the MVP award is mainly due to the fact the Angels just aren’t a big winning team. However, no one expects this to decrease Trout’s overall value to the league.

You might also be wondering: If Trout is such a powerhouse, how can I expect to get a good deal on his rookie cards? The thing to remember here is that for players like Trout, you may have to invest more on the front end, but the reward will pay exponentially in the long run. As we’ve mentioned before, the 1962 Topps Mickey Mantle card sold for $282,000 in 2006. Today it’s valued at nearly $3 million.

Investing in Mike Trout might require more money upfront. But think about the value of getting in on an all-time great while he’s still in the league!

Top Mike Trout Cards to Invest In

2011 Topps Update Mike Trout Rookie Card

So, you’re interested in getting some Mike Trout baseball cards – but which ones should you go for?

Mike Trout rookie cards are a requirement if you’re looking to be a serious investor. While different rookie cards have a wide range of values, any Mike Trout rookie card is going to have value to an investor if it’s graded a PSA 9 or higher.

Ironically, the most valuable Mike Trout baseball card on the market isn’t technically a rookie card. His 2009 prospect cards have seen a spike in value, specifically the 2009 Mike Trout Bowman Chrome Auto #BDPP89. Technically it’s not a rookie card at all, but an insert. Most investors view this as the must-have card for your collection.

Most of all, do your research. Get familiar with some of the top Mike Trout PSA graded cards on the market and know what makes each of them unique. Evaluate how much you’re willing to invest and how much risk you’re willing to take on. Remember that overall, trading cards is a fairly low-risk way to invest and will return consistent growth.


Card collecting is a growing market and a great space to invest. While you may not see enormous returns right away, collectors can make big money over the long term. The card trading market is more stable than stocks, and best of all it’s all about something you love—sports!

For investors looking to make solid long-term choices, Mike Trout is the closest to a sure thing we have right now. He is widely considered the current best player in baseball, and on track to become one of the greatest of all time. What are you waiting for?

Dec 21st 2020 Staff Writers

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